StarLogo Nova Expert Remixing Challenge

Posted April 17, 2017 by ilee

Now that you've taken a look at some of the powerful features of StarLogo Nova, let's go back and help you get more experience with the modules that you have already completed.  Show us what you have learned by advancing one of your favorite models.

The Challenge

Look at your public gallery and choose a project from one of your completed modules to remix. Once you do, try to find a way to add all of the features that you have just learned into each model.  (Bonus points for making relevant modifications that advance the science learning.)

Can you:

  • - Give an agent the camera?
  • - Add at least one more procedure?
  • - Add a couple of extra conditionals?
  • - Experiment with extreme wiggle?
  • - Create some alternate breeds?
  • - Add a slider to quickly modify your environment?
  • - Detect a collision or proximity of agents?

Upon completion of your remix, paste the link to the project from your public gallery to this forum and explain what you did, and why the result still makes sense as a scientific model.


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