StarLogo Nova Bumper Turtles Challenge

Posted May 25, 2017 by sgibbs

This is the Bumper Turtles challenge activity from the Project GUTS MOOC


The Challenge

  1. Remix the “Bumper Turtles starter” model
  2. Create 4 turtles 
  3. Have the turtles move forward then check the terrain color they are standing on 
  4. Instruct your turtles to react to the landmarks according to the rules in the Trailblazer activity
  5. Test your project to see that it works as expected. 

Post a screen shot of your finished model and a link to your project (be sure it is saved to a public gallery) for the Bumper Turtles Challenge.  


Submitted by sircollins88 on Sun, 06/11/2017 - 06:35 · Permalink

Object Detection Code


135 degree turn

135 degree turtle turn

I've made the turtle turn 135 degrees when it hits black.  

Hello jsimpson,  If you do a google search for "how to take a screenshot" you will find an answer for your system, either Mac or PC or other.  On the Mac I use a utility called "Grab".  I think there is a simple key stroke sequence on PC that takes a screen grab.