Physical Science Challenge #2 (Hard)

Posted April 18, 2017 by ilee

Make your model such that there is a slider for the amount of initial water and that a minimum amount of water is required in order for the mixing to occur.  The silver nitrate starts at the bottom and only moves if there is sufficient water for the reaction.

The Challenge

Details: In the setup add a slider where water is created and in the 'add silver nitrate' setup have the silver nitrate start at the bottom of Spaceland.  In the silver nitrate tab, use logic to check for a minimum amount of water before it can move.

When you're finished, make your project public and share the link below.  Make sure to include: 

  • Why did you choose this challenge question?
  • The URL for public link.
  • What did you struggle with most?
  • Is there anything else you still need help with?


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