Past events

Follow-up workshop for Teachers with GUTS!


We are excited to announce a follow-up training/review session for any teachers who have previously participated in a Teachers with GUTS training (offered by New Mexico CS Education).  If you have attended a 2, 3, or 5-day workshop and would like a refresher or chance to practice, join us for a virtual workshop.  

Project GUTS CS in Science for Massachusetts 2020


This is a 5-day virtual workshop for Massachusetts middle-school science teachers.  Project GUTS’ CS in Science workshops offer interactive instruction from experienced GUTS facilitators, including an introduction to computer science, pedagogy, curriculum overview, and practice with the StarLogo Nova programming environment. Workshop spreadsheet 

3-day Project GUTS seminar (Madison Alabama City Schools)


The Madison Alabama City School district is sponsoring a 3-day Project GUTS seminar for their middle school science teachers.  The online workshop will help teachers meet the new Alabama standards on incorporating computer science into regular education science classes.  

Facilitators are Susan Gibbs and Jennifer Cordova.

Link to Google Spreadsheet for this workshop

Project GUTS CS in Science regional PD workshop at PUMP-CS PD Week (Wisconsin)


This is Project GUTS' PD that is part of the PUMP-CS PD Summits.

The course is designed to integrate Computer Science (CS) concepts into existing middle school science classes, especially in contexts in which a standalone CS course is not available. Helps students from all different backgrounds to engage in scientific inquiry by investigating topics of interest to their local communities and sharing their experiments and findings.

Project GUTS CS in Science PD workshop at NM CS PD WEEK


Project GUTS’ CS in Science workshop offers interactive instruction from an experienced GUTS facilitators including an introduction to computer science, pedagogy, curriculum overview, and practice with the StarLogo Nova programming environment. The CS in Science curriculum features: use of a block-based programming environment on the web (; daily lesson plans for teachers, videos, and supplemental extension resources; a modular design that allows for a variety of classroom implementations; and alignment to national science (NGSS) and computer science (CSTA) standards.

NMSI Training - July 2019

In person

5 Day Training on Integrating GUTS models and computational thinking into the science classroom. 

Project GUTS Facilitator PD Summit

In person

This will be our 3rd Facilitator Summit where our corps of national facilitators comes together to prepare for future workshops and sharpen our skills.

Friday: arrival in afternoon/evening, check in at hotel.

Saturday: Full day of planning and preparation - Group dinner

Sunday: Full day of planning and preparation - BBQ at Constitution Marina

Monday: Half-day of closing discussion and goals for the year.

To Code and Beyond

In person

Project GUTS will be participating in a panel discussion on CT integration at this year's To Code and Beyond conference in NYC on November 3, 2017. (See

Project GUTS at NM EPSCoR Interdisciplinary Working Group workshop

In person

Project GUTS was invited to participate in the NM EPSCoR Interdisciplinary Innovation Working Group (I-IWG) workshop on New Mexico Computational Science Pathway: an Integral Part of NM’s Cyberinfrastructure for Research and Education.  At this workshop, participants will discuss computer science pathways in New Mexico (what currently exists in New Mexico? What populations are served by these? then begin to map out pathways, starting with K-12 through higher education and ending with employment.

CSNYC Project GUTS PD Workshop

In person

Group photo outside on terraceProject GUTS will offer a 3 day professional development workshop sponsored by CSNYC on August 28-30, 2017.  This workshop will prepare NYC teachers to integrate the CS in Science curricular modules into regular school day science classes. 

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