Upcoming events

3-day Project GUTS seminar (Madison Alabama City Schools)


The Madison Alabama City School district is sponsoring a 3-day Project GUTS seminar for their middle school science teachers.  The online workshop will help teachers meet the new Alabama standards on incorporating computer science into regular education science classes.  

Facilitators are Susan Gibbs and Jennifer Cordova.

Link to Google Spreadsheet for this workshop

Project GUTS CS in Science regional PD workshop at PUMP-CS PD Week (Wisconsin)


This is Project GUTS' PD that is part of the PUMP-CS PD Summits.

The course is designed to integrate Computer Science (CS) concepts into existing middle school science classes, especially in contexts in which a standalone CS course is not available. Helps students from all different backgrounds to engage in scientific inquiry by investigating topics of interest to their local communities and sharing their experiments and findings.

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