Upcoming events

CS in Science - Project GUTS workshop at CS for Massachusetts


5-day virtual workshop for Massachusetts middle-school science teachers.

This workshop is part of the CSforMA Professional Development Opportunities.  CSforMA, Inc. is a nonprofit focused on building capacity for CS in MA.  We offer services to districts to help them learn about, prepare for and assess impact of Digital Literacy and Computer Science across the state.

CS in Science -Project GUTS regional PD workshop at PUMP-CS PD Week (Wisconsin)


5-day virtual workshop for middle-school science teachers.

Over the past three school years, in collaboration with the Marquette University and the PUMP-CS initiative, middle school science teachers from Milwaukee Public Schools and districts throughout Wisconsin and beyond, have taken part in instructional cohorts to learn, explore, and integrate computational science skills with the goal of developing and using models in the science classroom. 

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