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  • Pages, The World, Everyone, and Turtle

    Posted February 15, 2019 by miriam.brown@j…


    I have been able to make the projects in module 1 by following videos and power point instructions, but I feel like I need a deeper understanding.  I am a little confused about setting up a model.  I don't understand what goes on each page.  Why is create turles of "The World" instead of "Turtle" and what is "Everyone" for?

  • Agents Follow Agents

    Posted February 7, 2019 by miriam.brown@j…


    I have a student who is spending all of his free time at home creating programs on star logo nova.  He asked the following question "I have looked everywhere on google but I cant find how to make the breeds follow my mouse. can you ask star logo nova for me. Is there a way to make agents follow another agent?

  • Epidemic Module Help Debug

    Posted February 1, 2019 by miriam.brown@j…


    First of all,  I am so thankful for the help I am getting from this forum.  I really believe this is a great curriculum, but for me the learning curve is steep.  I appreciate the help you give me on this forum.  One of my students is working on the epidemic model and it seems to not be working.  Can someone help me debug this?  https://www.slnova.org/%24-Trip-EEE-%24/projects/662839/edit/

  • Clear Terrain and Delete Everyone

    Posted January 30, 2019 by miriam.brown@j…


    My students keep asking why they should put a "clear terrain" and "delete everyone" blocks at the beginning of their code.  The video said it was best practices, but I'm still not quite sure what that refers to.  It seems like if the program is new there would be no terrain to clear and no agents to delete.  I'm pretty new at this so I appreciate any help I can get.

  • Bumper Turtles Help

    Posted January 17, 2019 by miriam.brown@j…


    I watched all the videos and tried the bumper turtles with my students.  Sometimes the turtles react to the painted landmarks and turn, but sometimes they just keep moving right on through the landmarks.  My students are frustrated because we can't figure out why they do this and how to fix it.  I wish there were some cheat codes for teachers to get an idea of what the code should look like and some common problems that students run into and how to solve them.



  • Comments within code

    Posted January 17, 2019 by IndieGenes


    I am currently working on a program that simulates orbits of planets in our solar system around the sun and thought it would be really useful to have a block available to make comments within my blocks of code to keep track of the planets I have created. 

    Comments within code is an important part of code development in order to help programmers and other team members communicate the functions of the code.