Here's the place to share ideas, to reach out for help with your challenges, to relate successes, to find wisdom. To help your colleagues find the right      things, please tag your posts and comments with existing tags, or create a new tag.

Good to know...  We offer different interfaces to the discussions; you should use whichever you feel most comfortable using. The very same discussions are in both the Feed and Forums interfaces, so if you type a comment in one interface it will also be in the other interface. The GUTS Curriculum discussion is separate.

Feed View: This is meant to operate much like the Facebook interface. The most recent posts are at the top; older ones scroll off the bottom. Unlike Facebook we do not have the 'forever scroll', so posts really will scroll off the bottom. Unlike Facebook, we have a Search bar at the top. Note that posting a new 'Update' results in a new 'Topic' in the Forum View, which is just as it should be.

Forums View: This is the traditional forums view, with 'Topics' (individual discussions that result from an initial 'Topic' post) gathered together into 'Forums' (e.g 'Module One Discussions') which might be gathered into larger Forum containers (e.g. 'Modules'). You can start new Topics as well as respond to previous Topics; you can respond to Topic comments as well. New Topics and comment will show up in the Feed View as well.

GUTS Curriculum discussion: This is a separate 'discussion' that allows you to share ideas and comments with others directly on the GUTS curriculum. Currently, any comments you make in this discussion are not searchable; we hope to change that in the near future.

You can select any of these by clicking on the drop-down menu from 'Discuss' or by clicking on the submenus.