Teachers with GUTS Newsletter - May 2017

Submitted by ilee on May 6, 2017

Hello Teachers with GUTS!

This Tuesday, May 2nd, please join us for a Teachers with GUTS webinar at 6:30pm Eastern Time (US) at https://zoom.us/j/515346135  Please bring some of your strategies and experiences to share!

We will be featuring Cristián Rizzi, our colleague from University of San Andres in Buenos Aires, Argentina who translated many of the Project GUTS resources into Spanish and offered a Project GUTS MOOC in Spanish. Cristián will describe the resources he recently shared with Teachers with GUTS and discuss some of his recent efforts to integrate CT into Science.

There have also been many new resources, posts and events uploaded to TeacherswithGUTS.org.  Come check it out!




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