Pond Ecosystem Biograph project

Posted April 12, 2017 by turtle
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Susan Yoon

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Ecosystems are made up of interacting, interdependent parts.   Biotic and abiotic (living and non-living) parts of an ecosystem are always interacting with and changing each other.  Healthy ecosystems are long-lasting. In a long-lasting ecosystem the number of plants and animals may increase and decrease over time, but there are always enough individuals to reproduce and establish the next generation.  

In this Biograph Virtual Lab your challenge is to build a model of a long-lasting, healthy pond ecosystem.  To meet this challenge, you will use Toolblox programming blocks to build and then test various pond ecosystem models to determine which are the longest-lasting.  Before you build your first pond ecosystem, though, you’ll need to understand how the different types of fish that you may choose to populate your pond move and get the energy they need to live and reproduce. Let’s get started!

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