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Posted March 25, 2017 by ilee

Hello Teachers with GUTS,

I'm Irene Lee, the founder of Project GUTS.   I'm looking forward to connecting with you and hearing about how you are using (or planning to use) Project GUTS lessons and materials.  I've recently relocated to Boston and am finally getting settled into my new life here.  As the new kid on the block, I know just how reassuring it is to have people you can call on and turn to when you have a question or need help.

I hope we can be your Project GUTS support network to help you find what you need and/or introduce you to others in our community.  Please introduce yourself and let's get started!




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Thanks, Irene! I created a thread where you suggested.

Speaking of problems, the loading bar for slnova doesn't move from 0% so I'm not able to run any simulations. I've tried running it on Safari and Chrome and get the same thing. I'll try running it on my school computer to see if I get anything different. 

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

Super, andyras.  I'll try to promote it on the discussions landing page (after we add a featured discussion block).


Perfect! My Flash was disabled. Thanks! 

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Good day, fellow Earthlings! I have just wrapped up my fourth, wonderful year of teaching 6th and 7th grade science in a rural Missouri public school district. I am interested in increasing my ability to meaningfully incorporate technology into my practice, especially with respect to coding and systems thinking. My students deserve a science teacher who can provide them with authentic coding experiences. That means I need to make significant progress up this particular learning curve. Project GUTS seems like the perfect way to do this. In my previous life, I was an environmental scientist with a heart solidly placed in hydrogeology. 

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I'm teaching at the International School of Düsseldorf as a grade 6 computational thinking, IB physics teacher and technology integration coach.  I have used some StarLogo Nova programs this year in a science class.  I am looking forward to introducing this MOOC and computer modelling and simulations to others at ISD. 

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My name is Laura Legault and I am a 5th grade Sciemce teacher at  Simon the Apostle Catholic school in Indianapolis, IN.  I have taught for 20 years and my goal is to help my students become great problem solvers. I also like to infuse technology into all of my classes.  Looking forward to learning more in this program!

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My name is Jeana.  I am a 7th grade science teacher in Nine Mile Falls, Washington.  I  taught robotics for two years using Arduino and have used in the classroom for about three years.  I am still a novice though.  I have been interested in GUTS for a few years but didn't take the plunge until this year.  I am going to TeacherCon in Arizona in July to get more training in computer coding.  I am also interested in bringing project based learning to our school and I think this avenue will be a great start.

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Sorry I'm late to the party!  But Hi All!  It's so good to see some familiar faces that I haven't been able to see for a while.  I even saw someone's avatar was a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket!  That warms my heart!  I have been busy and blessed teaching the middle school engineering academy at Westglades Middle school - where the Project GUTS curriculum is alive and well!  I am currently developing an online blended learning Project GUTS Canvas Professional Development course with my other facilitating half - Sheryl Arriola.  Thank you Irene for all your help with this effort!  We are working to keep Project GUTS alive and well in Broward County.  :)

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I am an 8th grade STEM teacher in Prince George's County, MD. I have been teaching for 10 years: 4 years as a math teacher and 6 years as an introduction to engineering teacher. I am looking to expand my skills by implementing Project GUTS. I have participated in the Hour of Code for several years, so I am familiar with working with students on computer science. I hope to learn a lot about complex adaptive systems and how I can use that knowledge in an effective way with my students.

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Hello All, 

I am Monic Dugan a Special Education Science 7/8 and US History teacher. I am also a Beginning Teacher Support Provider. I have been teaching in Riverside, California for 18 years. My exposure to the Project GUTS curriculum has been an eye opening adventure. I am hoping to spend more time learning the concepts so I can successfully teach my students.

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Hello, I'm Erin Yeager.  I have been teaching for 18 years at Northridge Middle School in Crawfordsville IN.  I teach 8th grade science, which means I teach a little bit of all science disciplines-life, earth, physical and now computer.  I have always been interested in using and encouraging technology use in my classroom.  I have only recently started coding.  This is a very new area to me.  I have been using Sphero's and Ollie's to teach my students some basics.  We are learning together.  I am eager to learn more with this course.  I'm excited to see how it will impact and help my students.

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Greetings from Leavenworth, WA.  I am a 6th grade STEM teacher attempting to integrate more CS within my curriculum.  Project GUTS looks like a fantastic way to make this happen.  

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Welcome teachers from WA, IN, CA, MO, MD and Dusseldorf, Germany!  It's great to see new and familiar faces active on the Teachers with GUTS community.   As my colleague Celia Einhorn says, "Let the wild rumpus begin!"

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My name is Joan Fretz, and I teach 8th grade science and integrated physics and chemistry at Burbank middle school in Houston ISD.  

I have a BS in Biology from UT Austin, and began teaching at my current position right after I graduated 5 years ago.  Out of all the middle and high schools in HISD, I was drawn to Burbank because of the remarkable gains it makes with its Title I population and the excellent G/T magnet program. In addition to teaching, I have been the science department chair at Burbank for the last 2 years, and hope to stay until I retire.

I have no experience with CS, and am excited to begin learning and applying it in my classroom and PDs.

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I am Sammie Gardner.  I am the coordinator for a highly gifted STEM Academy at Rodeo Palms Junior High in Alvin ISD.  My educational background is in molecular biology and infectious disease, so adding in the computer science component is quite a challenge for me.  I've taught science for the last 15 years and just last year really got into engineering and computer science when we started our STEM Academy.

I am here because I looking for a way to connect the students' robotics/programming knowledge with their science standards.  By luck I ran across this opportunity.  We have used a lot of already created simulations in our classroom, but I want to challenge these students to create and build some of their own.  

This newbie is ready to learn but knows she'll have a lot of questions.

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Hi all! My name is Amy Myers and I am an educator at Energy Institute High School in HISD. I currently teach Biology and Anatomy/Physiology.

This is my second year of teaching and I am very new to CS, so I'm excited to learn how I can incorporate programming into our PBL framework. 

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In reply to Sammie:

Can't wait to see you get to work on some programming models! It would be easy for you to incorporate you background to simulate an infectious disease outbreak. :)

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In reply to jfretz:

Welcome Joan!  Burbank MS sounds like quite a good fit for you. Let us know if you have questions as you learn more about Project GUTS.

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In reply to Amy_Myers:

Welcome Amy!  I'm excited to hear how you integrate CS in Science into your PBL framework.

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Hi, my name is Stacey. I'm about to begin my first year teaching and am excited to explore ways to incorporate computer science into my classroom. 

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Hi, Wendy Leigh Curtis, NY, NY here.  I'm a Studio Art Teacher looking to see how I can do Arts Integration with GUTS.  I currently teach 6-8th grade in West Harlem.  

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Hi All:

My name is May. I am very eager to learn!

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Hi, I'm Meg Ray. I'm a CS integration coach in Pre-K to 8 schools in NYC. This year, two of the middle schools that I work with will be integrating Project Guts into their science classes. I'm really excited to learn with them!

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My name is Amit Pande and I'm a middle school math and STEM teacher in Gallup, NM. I am excited to have a software that I actually have received some training for to implement with students. I am feeling more and more confident in handing students the reins to this program and seeing what they can do!

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My name is Miriam Brown.  I teach the gifted and talented program at Jerome Middle School in Idaho.  I am always dabbling in new ways to help my students think critically.  I came across project guts when I was exploring and I am really excited to introduce complex systems and computer modeling to my students.