2nd Introductory Module

Posted April 20, 2019 by mehagaman

Several teachers requested a 2nd (or even 3rd) introductory module they could use with students in pairing with their content module.  

In Virginia, Alana and her team have done Module 1 and a content module in 7th grade, and then Molly continues with them in 8th grade.  They want more modules and additional intro ones to get the students re-familiarized with the concepts, CAS, computational thinking,  and StarLogo Nova without having to repeat Module 1.  


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I agree that an alternative Module 1 would be terrific!  In the meantime, teachers with students who are repeating a Project GUTS module, or need some review before beginning a different module might look at these resources, to help with different activities to refresh student's knowledge of StarLogo Nova: 

https://teacherswithguts.org/resources/alternative-intro-to-starlogo-nova-modeling-change-lesson-1 (an independent intro developed for high school students to model the path of a projectile, but the first few lessons work as an intro/refresher to StarLogo Nova)


This page collects links to on- and off-line activities that involve StarLogo Nova or CS/CAS concepts.  

I hope this helps!