Alternative Intro to StarLogo Nova - Modeling Change Lesson 1

Posted July 3, 2017 by sgibbs
Screen shot of code from completed model

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Hal Scheintaub and Max Caiati-Nardon

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A detailed guide for teachers and students on using StarLogo Nova to create a model which changes an agent's location (using keyboard controls).  Lesson 1a introduces the computer science and StarLogo Nova concepts of breeds, widgets, logic blocks, procedures, keyboard controls, and x and y coordinates.  It also introduces concepts of independent sequential and independent simultaneous change.  Lesson 1b adds changing other traits of the agent, including the z dimension, and the agent's color and shape (including creating new traits). Extensions include showing the path of change, and changing the size or the heading of the agent, 

In subsequent Lessons (see complete Modeling Change Unit in Contributed Curriculum Modules), students build on this background to model and study gravity and projectile motion.

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