Week 2: was there a specific passage that left an impression?

Posted January 11, 2020 by ilee

Was there a specific passage that left an impression, good or bad, or was surprising?    Share the passage and its effect.


Submitted by sgibbs on Sat, 01/11/2020 - 19:31 · Permalink

I was very interested in this passage on page 39.  The discussion is about training a perceptron and a two-layer neural network to do handwritten digit-recognition, and the first having an 80 percent success rate while the second had a 94 percent success rate on the new examples.  Then, "But what exactly has the neural network learned that allowed it to soar past the perceptron?  I don't know."  I think this sums up the issue with AI for me - can we ever really know what the computer has "learned" (since it doesn't really understand what it has learned either)?  Scary.

Submitted by Miriam Niebla on Sun, 01/12/2020 - 15:42 · Permalink

The passage that most made me think was the contest and parameters surrounding the 2029 Turing test set forth by Kurzweil and Kapor.  Can machines think?  My "instinct" like the author's mom is that there is something innate that makes us human (consciousness, soul, etc.), yet I fear that I hold some sort of potential bias only because I fear what the alternative might mean, and that too scares me. Lol

Submitted by Kelly Powers on Sun, 01/12/2020 - 17:38 · Permalink

In reply to sgibbs: I agree this is very scary and quite unbelievable at the same time:) 

Submitted by Kelly Powers on Sun, 01/12/2020 - 17:39 · Permalink

In reply to Miriam Niebla:I liked reading about the contest as well and look forward to learning the results. I too can't wrap my head around how the algorithms and math is applied to make these systems continue to learn.