Experiences for new CS teachers and/or new teachers?

Posted June 6, 2017 by andyras

I'm curious to hear from those of you that implemented Project GUTS / CS in Science and had it be their first exposure to computer science material (and possibly to teaching science, for brand new teachers).

What was that like? Did you feel like working through GUTS gave you a grounding in CS material, or did you have to seek other resources to explain things that came up in class?

My background is in computational physical sciences, so the curriculum is really fun for me to work with. I'm wondering about how it has been for folks that are newer to the material.


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I feel that the technique of challenging the students to articulate WHAT the code does. If a student is given a block of code from the base model and then can explain it to someone else (their partner? the class?) in words. There are so many opportunities here to guide the students into independent thinkers.