Santa Fe Design Workshop Participants Produce New Lessons

Submitted by ilee on September 21, 2017
GUTSy teachers at the Santa Fe Business Incubator

This summer, a small but determined group of experienced Project GUTS teachers from Santa Fe, New Mexico met to share out some pedagogic changes they made to existing curriculum, and to create new curriculum to meet the needs of their students.  You can find some of their work on the Teachers with GUTS online PD network -- see a kinesthetic extension of the wiggle walk activity (by Joan Henderson); a kinesthetic activity to explain flower turtles (by Carl Krings); a maze activity that includes a hands-on activity, coding a maze in StarLogo Nova, and using Lightning Lab or another program to code a SPHERO robot to traverse a maze (by Alma Linan Rodriguez); and an alternative chemistry model exploring dissolving ions (by Marion Markham).  The workshop was hosted at the Santa Fe Community College and the Santa Fe Business Incubator and led by veteran Project GUTS Facilitators, Paige Prescott and Su Gibbs.  We hope to encourage many other Project GUTS teachers to work on their own activities and models, to share and help us expand the Teachers with GUTS collection.

Kudos to the writers!  Great job capturing your insights and ideas and turning them into new resources.

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