Exploring the Wiggle Walk and Collisions via a Kinesthetic Activity

Posted August 4, 2017 by jhenderson

This kinesthetic activity is an alternative to the published CS in Science Module 1, Lesson (“Day”) 4, Activity 1. The Probability with Dice and Data and Colliding Turtles activity proved mathematically complicated and time consuming due to the statistical analysis of die roll data and the significant re-teaching needs that arose.  Middle schooler’s grasp of statistics as it relates to probability proved limited and as a result, the activity got too caught up in probability and statistics rather than the goal which is understanding what a random move actually is and what it looks like.

This kinesthetic approach focuses directly on student’s understanding of why we code as we do for the Wiggle Walk in Star Logo, (with random right by/random left by blocks),  and why and when it is used in models (to allow for interactions, that is, collisions). Students achieve understanding of  the Wiggle Walk more quickly.  Students are also exposed to characteristics of complex adaptive systems: simple rules and emergent patterns.  

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