Posted August 3, 2017 by arodriguez
Sphero in a Maze

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Alma Linan Rodriguez

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Activity Overview

In this activity, students engage in a participatory simulation called “THE MAZE,” write a program in StarLogo Nova, and write a program in Lightning Lab (or any SPHERO program).


Teaching Summary

  1. Design a maze on a piece of paper

  2. Scale and draw the maze on the playground with chalk and walk it

  3. Make a simulation of your Maze in SL Nova and make the turtle walk it

  4. Make a 3D model of your Maze and program your sphero to walk it


Activity Objectives

  1. Students will design a maze using at least 5 paths

  2. Students will scale a maze

  3. Students will create and run a program in SL Nova

  4.  Students will create and run a program in Lightning Lab, and run the SPHERO  

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