Why CS Belongs in Every Science Classroom

Posted December 3, 2018 by ilee

Project GUTS teacher and supporter Sheena Vaidyanathan wrote a terrific article for EdSurge on "Why Computer Science Belongs in Every Science Teacher's Classroom" (November 16, 2013).  She focuses on data analysis and computer modeling and simulation as NGSS practices that can be "brought to life" with tools like StarLogo Nova.  Project GUTS was recommended as a place to get ready-to-use models and curriculum. 


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I am new to Project GUTS, but I am excited to implement the program into my science classroom. I feel that we are going towards an online/computer based way of teaching and learning, and this is an ideal way to incorporate technology and science.

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In reply to Lillian Montoya:

I agree, Lillian! I'm new as well and am excited to see how many of the NGSS standards are hit in these lessons.