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I have been able to make the projects in module 1 by following videos and power point instructions, but I feel like I need a deeper understanding.  I am a little confused about setting up a model.  I don't understand what goes on each page.  Why is create turles of "The World" instead of "Turtle" and what is "Everyone" for?


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Hi Miriam

The pages are used to organize the code that instructs the relevant agents what to do.  For example, commands that all turtles will follow as the program is running go on the "turtle" page (any "move" or "wiggle" procedure that each turtle should follow at each "tick" of the model, usually in a "forever" block).  If you create a new breed, for example "fish", there be a fish page to tell the fish what to do as the program runs.  If you want both turtles and fish to follow the same procedure, you can put it on the "everyone" page.  

In StarLogo Nova, the "world" is an agent, which sets the initial conditions, like creating the other agents and perhaps coloring the terrain (the setup block) and manages things like the data boxes and graphs.  These procedures should be created on the world page.  I hope this helps.  Happy coding!

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That makes sense.