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Good morning from Washington state,

I am currently a Washington State University student enrolled in the elementary education program and anticipate to graduate with my teaching degree by May 2018. I have had the great pleasure to partake in the CODE workshops available in my district, including CODE for science, algebra, and fundamentals. I am beyond excited to find ways to integrate these computer science units into my core academic instruction. Specifically, I hope to integrate computer science with math, as I hope to teach the middle grade levels. After graduation, I anticipate moving to Oklahoma and working with Native American students and poverty students. Providing them opportunities to learn and engage with computer science and new technology will be a valuable learning and life opportunity for them. 

This new website is even more exciting as I feel now that I have direct access to resources and supports as I progress through the implementation. I also feel that I will continue to remain up to date with the latest changes and additions! I look forward to watching this website grow and learning from other teachers across the states who are also inspired and enthusiastic about computer science and curricula integration. 

JuliAnna, future teacher and computer science enthusiast 


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Welcome JuliAnna,

Your enthusiasm is infectious!  We wish you great success as you complete your studies and move into the classroom.  We have teachers in this community with experience working with Native American students and in high poverty areas so please, feel free to reach out.