Epidemic Module Help Debug

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First of all,  I am so thankful for the help I am getting from this forum.  I really believe this is a great curriculum, but for me the learning curve is steep.  I appreciate the help you give me on this forum.  One of my students is working on the epidemic model and it seems to not be working.  Can someone help me debug this?  https://www.slnova.org/%24-Trip-EEE-%24/projects/662839/edit/


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This is going to seem like a really petty error.  When I pushed the "Setup" button on the interface, nothing happened.  I looked at the code, and all the setup code was in an event handler (when ___ pushed) that said "setup"  Notice the difference in the capitalization.  When I clicked the drop-down menu to change that to Setup, it seems to work fine.  There are some resources for debugging a model in TeachersWithGUTS and one suggestion is the one you followed - have someone else look at it.  A good lesson for the student on how literal computers are in following instructions.  

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Thanks.  This is going to make a great discussion.  I wouldn't have thought to look at the setup block.