Can't submit

Posted June 23, 2017 by jsimpson

My chromebook froze in the middle of submitting my turtle flower and now when I tried to resubmit, it won't let me.  There isn't a submit button or section at the bottom of the page anymore.  What should I do?  I also was having trouble adding a screenshot.  I made the screenshot but couldn't upload it to the section.  Thanks for the help.  Jeana


Submitted by ilee on Fri, 06/23/2017 - 06:15 · Permalink

Hi Jeana,

To submit a photo, click on the button in the menu bar right above the text area that looks like a mountain and moon.  You should get a pop up window that asks you to select an image.  If you saved and named your screenshot, you can browse and find it in the "browse" button, then upload it. 

Alternately, if you took a screen shot and did a command-c (for copy) of it, then you can simply click in the comment window and press command-v (for paste).  But this sometimes has problems so I recommend the first way.

For the submission of your flower turtle model, you will want to add a link to your model and a description of it in the comment area.