Agents Follow Agents

Posted February 7, 2019 by miriam.brown@j…

I have a student who is spending all of his free time at home creating programs on star logo nova.  He asked the following question "I have looked everywhere on google but I cant find how to make the breeds follow my mouse. can you ask star logo nova for me. Is there a way to make agents follow another agent?


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Hi Miriam - it's great that you have a student who likes to explore building StarLogo Nova models on his own!  There are not likely to be many resources to be found by searching Google, I'd recommend that you find a way to provide him access to the StarLogo Nova Cookbook on this site (be sure to look at the version for StarLogo Nova 2.0) (you could download the word document or the google doc).  There is an explanation on how to make one agent detect and follow another one (under section 2 Agents/movement/chase and run away).  As far as I know, there is no way to get agents to react to your mouse movements, but I've asked someone else and if they have a suggestion, I will pass it on.  

Happy coding!