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Posted August 16, 2016 by turtle
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Social Networks are an in important topic in modeling the behavior of people.  This unit engages students in simple interactive activities to explore social network concepts, and in the use, modification, and creation of agent-based models of social networks to conduct experiments on spreading information through networks.

This unit was developed for Project GUTS after-school clubs, using StarLogo TNG and NetLogo.  It follows a 4-week introductory unit on modeling and complex adaptive systems concepts.  Partners and Sponsors: National Science Foundation.

Club Leader Log for Social Networks Unit (doc)

Week 5:  Introduction to Social Networks

Week 6: Build your own social network in NetLogo (and optional Cellphone activity)

Week 7: Diagram a Social Network in StarLogo TNG

Week 8: Adding Social Network concepts to StarLogo TNG models

Week 9: Customize model and collect data

Week 10: Analyze data and prepare for presentation

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