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Posted August 16, 2016 by turtle
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This unit was developed for Project GUTS after-school clubs, using StarLogo Nova.  It follows a 4-week introduction to basic programming and to concepts of complex adaptive systems.  

This unit looks at a variety of different types of resources that are important to New Mexico, such as: water, the forest, grazing areas, air and land use.  Questions that could be posed during this study include: How much should economics effect the management of the shared resource? How can all perspectives, including that of the ecosystem, be honored?  How can be prevent the exploitation of a shared resource while still relying on it for income?   A goal of this unit is for students to understand the interdependence of the different parts of a Shared Resource system.  In order for the ecosystem to be healthy, there has to be a certain balance but as humans use one of a few of the resources in the ecosystem, a new balance will be achieved.

Week 5: Introduction to Shared Resources

Week 6: Rabbit Farm

Week 7: Feedback Loops

Week 8: Project Work

Week 9: Finish model and begin collecting data

Week 10: Analyze data and prepare for presentation

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