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Posted July 27, 2018 by turtle

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Here are some prompts to use to discuss issues that can arise when students are learning to pair-program:

Prompts/Sentence Stems for Pair Programming


  • I don’t quite understand your idea can you please explain further
  • This is what I hear you saying...
  • I like your directions but I also have some ideas too


  • I like that idea maybe we can add ...
  • Let’s explore this option..
  • Oh, cool I just learned something new
  • I have done this kind of coding before, let me explain what worked then.  


  • Could we check this part of the code?
  • Maybe we are not on the same page, let’s stop and discuss this for awhile.
  • I think we should do _____, what do you think?
  • Let’s think this through.
  • Thank you for sharing.
  • What do you think of doing it this way…
  • I like both my ideas and your ideas let’s try and integrate them.

If time allows, you can also ask students to prepare and present a role-playing scenario, where a driver and navigator sit in a car and not following their roles can lead to trouble.  

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