Module 2 Lesson 5 - Experiment with Your New Water Pumping Model

Posted January 17, 2020 by wellina

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Teaching Summary

Getting Started 5 minutes

  1. Review of previous day’s lesson and concepts and connection to today’s lesson
  2. Revisit complex adaptive systems concepts

Activity #1: Completing and Debugging Your Code 15 minutes

  1. Use pair programming to complete the model
  2. Test the new model – trace execution and debug the model

Activity #2: Running Experiments 15 minutes

  1. Review the question first formulated in the model design
  2. Design experiments to run in the new model
  3. Run experiments, using multiple trials

Wrap-Up 5 minutes (Reflection)

  1. Analyze results and discuss conclusions
  2. Relate the results back to the bigger picture of sharing resources
  3. Share your model and experimental results with the class
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