Module 2 Lesson 3 - Adding More Water Pumps and Running Experiments

Posted January 3, 2020 by wellina

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Teaching Summary

Getting Started 5 minutes

  1. Review of the previous day’s lesson and concepts. Connection to today’s lesson.

Activity #1: Adding a Water Pump 20 minutes

  1. CS review: find and decode the procedure that creates the
    initial pump.
  2. Duplicate and alter the procedure to create a new pump.
  3. Add monitors and line graphs to display and visualize data.
  4. Test your model.

Activity #2: Running an Experiment 20 minutes

  1. Designing your experiment.
  2. Running your experiments.
  3. Collecting and analyzing data.

Wrap-Up 5 minutes (Reflection)

  1. What does the computer model enable us to do that would be difficult
    in the real world?
  2. How could a computer model like the Water Pumping model be
    used to manage water resources?

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