Module 1 Lesson 6 - Adding Instrumentation to your Model and Running Experiments

Posted November 21, 2019 by wellina

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Teaching Summary

Getting Started 10 minutes

  1. Review of the previous day’s lesson and concepts and connection to today’s lesson

Activity #1: Instrumenting Your Model 10 minutes 

  1. Review qualitative vs. quantitative data
  2. Add a line graph
  3. Test your model

Activity #2: Designing and Running Experiments 30 minutes

  1. Designing experiments
  2. Running experiments
  3. Collecting and analyzing data

Wrap-Up 5 minutes (Reflection)

  1. What patterns did you uncover? What conditions or settings led to each pattern?
  2. When you run the model with the same input setting (for transmission rate and recovery rate) do you always get the same result or outcome? Why or why not?

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