Module 1 Lesson 3 - Conditionals with Trailblazer and Bumper Turtles

Posted November 17, 2019 by wellina

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Teaching Summary

Getting Started 5 minutes (Review)

  1. Review of the previous day’s lesson and concepts and connection to today’s lesson

Activity #1: Trailblazers 20 minutes (Guided Practice)

  1. Blazing a Trail and Comparing solutions (Synchronous Virtual Learning edition)
  2. New Concepts: conditionals and Booleans

Activity #2: Bumper Turtles 20 minutes (Discovery / Creative)

  1. Introduce new StarLogo Nova commands
  2. The Challenge

Wrap-Up 5 minutes (Reflection)

  1. What does Bumper Turtles have to do with Modeling and Simulation?
  2. What does Bumper Turtles have to do with complex adaptive systems?

StarLogo Nova Models

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