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Posted August 25, 2016 by turtle
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Lightbot (for Hour of Code) and Project GUTS

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Have students open the Lightbot Activity using this link, and complete the "Basics 1" (series of 8) activity.  These steps introduce basic concepts of looping, procedures, etc within the pre-programmed Hour of Code activities, and students enjoy the challenge of completing the puzzles (and if time allows, let students continue throughout the Lightbot activities).  

Then, brainstorm with students how they could create a Lightbot experience for someone else in SLNova.

1- Create a pattern of colored circles (using stamp) on Spaceland (keep it simple, perhaps the second puzzle in LIghtbot)

2- Create a robot - where does it appear and what direction does it face by default?  How can we change that if necessary to have the robot appear on the first square?

3.  Create widgets, procedures, or keyboard controls that move the robot to follow the pattern.  Widgets for right, left, forward, and "light" are the most comparable to Lightbot, and require the user to understand and program the robot to follow the pattern.  However, using procedures within the program, or keyboard controls, also require programming skills.

4.  For more advanced students, have the student create a second pattern and have the robot complete it or place turtles (agents) to act as blocks for the robot turtle to jump up onto and down from as a part of the puzzle.  

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