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Posted August 30, 2016 by turtle
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Human Boolean Activity:

Pick a student in the class.  Try to come up with a Boolean Statement that will identify that student and ONLY that student.

  1. Identify characteristics of the student:
    • Brown hair
    • Brown eyes
    • Wearing blue and white shirt
    • Wearing jeans
    • No earrings
  2. Come up with a Boolean statement that describes that student
  3. Try it out!

Will the student with 

     brown hair AND brown eyes  AND (blue in shirt OR white in shirt) AND blue jeans NOT earrings

Stand up?

Have each student write a Human Boolean statement for another student in the class that includes:

  1. An AND statement
  2. An OR statement
  3. A NOT statement
  4. All three statements

Discuss how those statements would be modeled in StarLogo Nova  

George Boole Says Activity

This is played exactly like the game "Simon Says", except that the instructions use the special words AND, NOT, and OR. For example you may say something like, "George Boole says put your left hand on your head OR put your big toe in your mouth", or "George Boole says put your right elbow on your right knee AND do NOT lift your right foot off the ground".

Discussion: The fundamental elements in the game are "AND", "OR", and "NOT". They're not just words! The key to correctly following George's instructions is to understand the use of these operators.

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