Fall Introductory Unit for Project GUTS after-school clubs

Posted August 25, 2016 by turtle
Photos from Project GUTS recruitment flyer

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This curriculum is designed for the afterschool clubs to introduce concepts relating to complex adaptive systems, computer science and computer modeling.

Pacing Guide: Overview of Weeks 1-6 (Fall 2015) 
Club Recruitment flyer download here

Week 1: Introduction to GUTS club, Computer Science and StarLogo Nova

Week 2: Complex Adaptive Systems, Introduction to Computer Science - coding a basic model

Week 3: X & Y coordinates in Spaceland, Stamping Terrain, coding a basic model

Week 4: Percent Chance, Traits, Complex Systems, work on building a model

Week 5: Students work on building an basic contagion model

Week 6: Finish Model, students collect data and share out to group, using Z coordinates

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