Decode NYC Models

Posted January 13, 2021 by wellina

In the NSF-funded DecodeNYC program at the American Museum of Natural History, middle school students use the agent-based game and simulation programming environment StarLogo Nova to use, modify, decode, and create scientific models to test different strategies for fighting Lyme disease and answer questions about their urban ecosystem.

Model 1: Acorns, mice, and (omnivorous) foxes

This is the first model for the AMNH DecodeNYC course. It focuses on population dynamics and energy transfer.

Model 2: Mice, ticks, and deer (+infection)

The second model for the AMNH DecodeNYC course. Populations are now held stable for mice and deer, but infection with Lyme-causing spirochetes is tracked. Ticks have a digestion period between bites. Ticks reproduce after 3 feedings, but all bites are considered equivalent.

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