Debugging Challenges for StarLogo Nova

Posted July 27, 2018 by turtle
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Debugging Challenges for Project GUTS

Instructions for all challenges:

  1. Open the link, remix the model and rename it, and save it to your public gallery (and add your partner as a collaborator).  

  2. See the questions in the info box (and listed below), and solve them IN THE ORDER LISTED.  Before testing each solution, be sure the program is saved and you have clicked Run Code.  

  3. When you have debugged each step, go on to solve the next problem.  

Basic debug challenge (a generic frog game):

  1. Click Setup- Why is nothing showing up in Spaceland?
  2. Click Setup- I want my Frog to be a red circle, why is my Frog not showing up in Spaceland?
  3. Click Setup- Where are my Flies?
  4. Click Setup, then click Setup again. I only want 50 flies on the Terrain.  Why are there so many?
  5. Click Setup, then Fly Around and Catch Flies.  What happens when the Frog tries to 'eat' the flies?  How should it be fixed?
  6. It still looks like sometimes flies hit my frog, but don't get eaten -- how can this be fixed?
  7. Why doesn't my frog get bigger?  

Epidemic model challenge (Module 1):

  1. Hit Setup a few times, it's not supposed to have so many turtles!  Why do I get more and more turtles?
  2. It looks like there is only 1 sick turtle but I want 10 that are spread out in the population.
  3. The turtle movement is not what I expect, I want them to have a wiggle walk.
  4. Even with the transmission rate on the highest, not all are getting sick.
  5. They aren't recovering, just getting sick and staying sick.
  6. My graph isn't working.  

Water Resources challenge (Module 2):

  1. Why is the brown earth just a single line?  It should be half of the Spaceland.
  2. The white circle should only be
  3. I created a second pump that is shorter but am only seeing 1.
  4. The evaporation doesn't seem to work properly, it should increase a lot more as the slider goes up.
  5. The graph has a weird shape.

Ecosystems challenge (Module 3):

  1. Why do I have so many mountain lions?
  2. Why is my grass brown?
  3. Why don't I have any rabbits when I hit setup?
  4. Now that my rabbits set up correctly, why aren't they moving?
  5. Now that they are moving, what's happening to them?
  6. Why are my mountain lions dying right away?
  7. I want a 1 in 100 chance of my grass sprouting each tick.  Why isn't the grass sprouting at this rate?   
  8. Why isn't the graph working correctly?   

Chemistry challenge (Module 4):

1. Nothing happens when I hit setup.
2. If I run the model and then hit setup again, the amount of sliver nitrate in the data box should be 0 - why isn't it?
3. Why isn't my silver nitrate slider working?
4. Why aren't the copper nitrate agents moving?

Greenhouse (Climate Change) Challenge (Module 5): 

1. Why doesn't anything happen when I hit setup?
2. 60% of my agents should be solar energy (white spheres size 1). Where are they? 
3. When I push Run Factory, why don't I get any CO2?
4. Why doesn't the graph work?

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