CS in Science Module 4: Chemical Reactions (for StarLogo Nova 2.0)

Posted July 27, 2018 by turtle

Module 4:  Summary of Pacing Guide

Day 1:  Introduction to Chemical Reactions and preview of the base model (reaction of silver nitrate and copper).

Day 2: Analyze and modify the base model to add a slider for initial quantify of silver nitrate, and change the length of the copper rod.  If time, change the initial quantity of water.  Observe how these changes affect the model.  

Day 3: Modify the model to add the production of copper nitrate, run experiments with different initial quantities of copper and silver nitrate.

Day 4: Modify the model further to create hydrated copper ions and turn the solution blue, characterize the rate of reaction.

Day 5:  Explore factors impacting the rate of reaction, run experiments and analyze results.  

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