Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources in StarLogo TNG

Posted August 16, 2016 by turtle
Climate system illustration from Project GUTS webpage

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Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources in SLTNG

The primary goal of this unit is to engage students in simple interactive activities to explore the global climate system as a complex system, and in the use, modification, and creation of agent-based models to conduct experiments on simple virtual systems.  This unit uses StarLogo TNG to create models of the polar ice caps and the albedo effect, of a mountain stream runoff system, and a water spring.

Overview of Weeks 5-10 (.docx file)

Week 5: Introduction to Climate Change

Week 6: Data Analysis and The Greenhouse Effect

Week 7: Mountain Snowmelt

Week 8: Spring Runoff

Week 9-10: Customize a model or build your own.

Climate Change Resources

Partners and Sponsors: National Science Foundation, NM EPSCoR.

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