Battle of the Agents

Posted March 29, 2017 by turtle
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Battle of the Agents:

Object of the game: To learn X & Y coordinates in Spaceland.


You and your opponent sit facing each other, hiding each other’s paper with: folders, binders, fold paper in half etc. 

Secretly with a pen or pencil place 4 agents, one in each quadrant on the grid labeled mine. Your opponent does the same. Don’t place any agents on the x or y axis. 

You can’t change the position of any of the agents once the game has begun.

How to play: 

Two players are needed to play and the youngest player goes first. 

On your turn, pick a target point on your opponents grid and call out its location by X and Y. (Each target has X-Y coordinate that corresponds with the same coordinate on your opponent’s grid.) 

When you call a hit, your opponent must tell you whether your shot is a hit or miss.  

If you call a location that is occupied by an agent on your opponent’s grid, your shot is a hit and the opponent will quote the quadrant! Your opponent’s will tell you on which quadrant you have hit*. Record your hit by placing a circle in the corresponding target on your opponent grid. Your opponent also places a circle in the corresponding hit on his or her "mine" grid.

Example: You and Max are the players. It’s your turn. You call: “X10, Y10” Max answers: “Hit in the quadrant between 0o and 90o ” You place a circle in coordinate X10, Y10 of your opponent's grid. Max places a circle in the same coordinate on his "mine" grid. 

If you call out a hit location not occupied by an agent on your opponent grid, it’s a miss. Record your miss by placing an X in the corresponding coordinate on your opponent grid so you won’t call this shot again. After a hit or miss, your turn is over.

Example: Now it’s Max’s turn. Max’s calls: “X20, Y10” You answer “Miss: Max places an X in coordinate X20, Y10 of his opponent grid. Play continues in this manner, with you and your opponent calling one shot per turn.

Winner: If you are the first player to hit your opponent’s entire 4 agents, you win the game.

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