Archived Material: CS in Science Module 2: Water as a Shared Resource (for StarLogo Nova 1.0)

Posted December 2, 2016 by turtle

This resource includes all materials and links for CS in Science, Module 2 (Shared Water Resources) for StarLogo Nova 1.0 (flash version).  We recommend teachers become familiar with StarLogo Nova 2.0, which includes many improvements in the code blocks and the operating system, and transition to the updated materials for CS in Science, Module 2 for StarLogo Nova 2.0.  

If using Chrome as your browser, you may need to follow the steps to add the flash version of StarLogo Nova, to access the models built in StarLogo Nova 1.0.  See these instructions.  


Module 2:  Summary of Pacing Guide:

Day 1:  Introduction to Water as a Shared Resource and sharing resources / cooperation as a complex system phenomenon 

Day 2:  Review math basics for modeling, introduce and decode Water Pumping Model

Day 3:  Modify the Water Pumping Model to add data collection, plan and run experiments to see the effect of the modification.

Day 4:  Introduce key elements of the computational science process, design and develop a customized model of water resources.  

Day 5:  Complete and debug your customized model, run experiments, analyze results and discuss implications of experiment on water resources.  

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