CS in Science workshop in Riverside CA

Project GUTS will offer a CS in Science 3 day summer PD workshop in Riverside CA on June 21-23, 2017. This workshop will be facilitated by Su Gibbs and Jennifer Cordova.

IMPORTANT note to participants:  Before the workshop:

We are doing an on-line version of the course (offered to you in person through this workshop), and so can use parts of that resource to allow you to complete the required pre-workshop activities.  

Before June 21, please register in the Project GUTS MOOC  (https://guts-2017.appspot.com/guts-2017) and 

1.  In the "Getting Started" section, read and follow the instructions in these three sub-sections:  

                Set Up Your TwiG Account

                Try out StarLogo Nova and

               Join the Forums 

2.  In the "Foundations" section, watch all videos and think about the quiz and reflections questions (the videos are also linked and listed in the Link to Resource document for workshop, below).  

3.  In Module 1, complete the following two activities:  

4.  Bring a laptop or Chromebook that can use Firefox or Chrome browser.  Check that your laptop will run StarLogo Nova by opening and running this model:  http://www.slnova.org/GUTS/projects/20704/ (hit setup then forever, you should see dots moving and score box changing).  If it doesn't work, look at this fix for Chrome:  https://teacherswithguts.org/news/heads-up-new-chrome-update-breaks-starlogo-nova-see-fix.

Thanks, and we look forward to meeting you on June 21.