Teachers with GUTS presents at NSTA conference

Submitted by ilee on March 18, 2018

Teachers with GUTS presented at this year's National Science Teachers Association.  Here's a description of our session:

In this interactive presentation, participants will learn about, experience, and discuss research-based examples of how secondary students can engage in modeling, and how modeling can be used to support learning across science and STEM disciplines, including the biological sciences, physical sciences, and computer science. Representatives from four DRK-12 projects will share products including curricula, teacher supports, and innovative technologies designed to support student development and use of models. Presenters and participants will discuss these resources as well as insights from their experiences integrating modeling in secondary STEM learning and teaching.


Session Format:

*Session Introduction (5 minutes)

*Project Introductions (10 minutes)

*Demonstrations/Roundtable Discussions (30 minutes)


Group 1: Developing and Testing a Model to Support Student Understanding of the Sub-Microscopic Interactions that Govern Biological and Chemical Processes

Group 2: DRK12-Biograph: Graphical Programming for Constructing Complex Systems Understanding in Biology

Group 3: Teachers with GUTS: Developing Teachers as Computational Thinkers Through Supported Authentic Experiences in Computing Modeling and Simulation

Group 4: Supporting Secondary Students in Building External Models


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