Hello World magazine for computing educators

Submitted by ilee on May 30, 2017
cover page

Source https://helloworld.raspberrypi.org/helloworld/issues/2

Here's a new online magazine called "Hello World" from the UK's Raspberry Pi, Computing At School and BCS Academy,
with support from British Telecom. In issue 2 of Hello World magazine there is an interview of Mitch Resnick about ten years
of Scratch and plenty of practical advice and inspiration for education beyond the classroom, and much more…

Also in this issue:
- Draw with code
- Digital making explained
- How to host a Hack Jam
- Practical advice for learning beyond the classroom
- Barefoot CS reaches one million kids
And much, much more…

Free to download via https://helloworld.raspberrypi.org/helloworld/issues/2
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