GUTS Alum on Winning Supercomputer Challenge Team

Submitted by sgibbs on April 26, 2017
photo of winning Supercomputer Challenge team


Photo (from left): Kathy Keith, director of Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Community Partnerships Office and Supercomputing Challenge winners Theo Goujon, Lisel Faust, Ramona Park, Rowan Cahill (GUTS alumni), and their teachers Hope Cahill (former GUTS club leader) and Brian Smith, and Shaun Cooper, the awards ceremony MC.

Rowan Cahill, Lisel Faust, Theo Goujon and Ramona Park of Santa Fe High School won first place for their project, “Urban Installation of Smog Reducing Materials” on Tuesday at the culmination of the 27th Annual New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge held in Albuquerque at the Jewish Community Center. Their project simulated the effects of using smog reducing materials on the air quality in a downtown congested city.

“The goal of the yearlong event is to teach student teams how to use powerful computers to analyze, model and solve real-world problems,” said David Kratzer of Los Alamos National Laboratory’s High Performance Computing division, and executive director of the Supercomputing Challenge. “Participating students improve their understanding of technology by developing skills in scientific inquiry, modeling, computing, communications and teamwork.”

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